Wine for Beginners

This two-hour interactive course is designed to begin or expand your wine knowledge using easy-to-grasp methodology. The goal for this course is to begin the process to "Developing the Sommelier in You!"

Here's How it Works:

- Buy the course (duh!)
- Print out the varietal sheets and flavor description boards
- Going at your own pace, complete each of the 6 lessons
- Take the quizzes to see how you're doing
- Win friends and influence people with all your new knowledge!
- Level up by subscribing to the Italian Wine & Dine Course

Here's What You'll Learn When Participating in Wine for Beginners:

- The seven characteristics in each glass of wine
- How to use food and beverage you are familiar with to help retain the new
- How to properly taste a glass of wine
- The varying levels of flavor characteristics innate to each wine
- The "structure" to enhance your wine knowledge
- How to keep pushing your curiosity about wine!

Price: $29.99


Wine & Dine: Pairing Italian Reds

In Wine & Dine: Pairing Italian Reds, Certified Sommelier Mario Luna teaches you how to accurately pair food and wine using his signature easy-to-grasp methodology.

What you'll learn while taking this course:

- How to precisely pair Italian wines with regional cuisines
- The seven characteristics innate to each of the Italian varietals covered
- How to use food and beverages that you're already familiar with to help retain the new information you're learning
- How to properly taste a glass of wine
- How flavor characteristics like acidity, oak, tannin, alcohol, and body interact with food to influence pairings

Price: $30.00


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